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Supported Assets

This is a list of assets currently supported by Qredo. Over time, this list will grow.

Please note that some of the assets below are on multiple networks. For example, BUSD is supported on Ethereum (ERC-20) and BSC (BEP-20) networks. Although this is essentially the same asset, from Qredo's perspective, these are two different assets. For example, if have 10 BUSD on the BSC network, and you try sending them to an Ethereum address, you will lose those assets.

Asset nameAsset codeNetwork
BitcoinBTCBitcoin Network
Bitcoin TestnetBTC-TESTNETBitcoin Testnet 3
EthereumETHEthereum Mainnet
Ether Testnet GoerliETH-GOERLIEthereum Goerli Testnet
Qredo TokenQRDOEthereum Mainnet
Qredo Token GoerliQRDO-GOERLIEthereum Goerli Testnet
USD CoinUSDCEthereum Mainnet
Tether USDUSDTEthereum Mainnet

*Note that the Algorand, Cardano, and Solana networks require any type of wallets with one of these assets to have a minimum balance and a minimum withdrawal amount of the asset in question. For example, you’ll have to leave 0.1 ALGO in each Algorand wallet on Qredo when withdrawing outside of Qredo. Additionally, the minimum withdrawal amount for Algorand is 0.1 ALGO, excluding GAS and other fees. This doesn't apply to Transfers and Atomic Swaps within the Qredo Wallet.

Learn more about this on the networks' respective support pages (linked below).

AssetMinimum Balance/Withdrawal Amount
Algorand0.1 ALGO
Cardano1 ADA
Solana0.0011136 SOL