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Whitelist addresses

You cannot send assets from your Vault to an external address unless it has been Whitelisted in the Governance section. Whitelisting cannot be disabled for Vaults. With Web3 Wallets, Whitelisting is optional and, by default, turned off in Workspace Settings.

Here’s how to Whitelist addresses:

  1. Log in to Qredo and go to the Workspace you wish to Whitelist an address in.

  2. Navigate to the Governance section in the left-hand menu and select Whitelist in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  3. Click Add Whitelist address.

  4. Select Multi-assets on EVM (for Web3 Wallets) or Single asset (for Vaults) - note that you will have to enable Whitelisting for Web3 Wallets first.

  5. Fill out the Address name (contact name for the address) and Address (public key for the address) fields. For Single asset (Vault) Whitelisting, you’ll also be prompted to select the supported asset in question.

  6. Click Add address.

  7. Authorize this request using the Qredo Signing App (you’ll be prompted automatically).

You can also see our video tutorial: