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Create Policies

Transaction Policy

Transaction Policies are created on the Workspace level and can be applied on Portfolio, Vault, and Web3 Wallet levels to govern various action types such as:

Set up Transaction Policy

  1. Log in to Qredo and navigate to the Workspace you want to set up a transaction policy in.

  2. Select the Governance section from the left-hand menu and click Create Policy.

  3. Name the Transaction Policy according to your preference.

  4. Under Policy Members, select Add Members to add the preferred Workspace members to this Policy. These members will be prompted to Approve all transactions within a Portfolio, Vault, or Web3 Wallet when applied to it.

  5. Set the preferred threshold for this Policy. This number decides how many members will be required to approve of a transaction before it can take place.

  6. Select Create Policy.

To edit a Transaction Policy, find it under Governance, open the three-dot Actions menu to the far end of its row, and select Edit Transaction Policy.

Admin Policy

Each Workspace has an Admin Policy, which governs actions such as:

  • Workspace Admin management

  • Transaction Policy edits

  • Admin Policy edits

Set up Admin Policy

Admin Policies are automatically created with each new Workspace - there can only be one per Workspace.

To edit an Admin Policy, find it under Governance, select the three-dot icon at the far end of its row, and select Edit Admin Policy.

Video tutorial

You can also see our video tutorial: