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Whether you need access to Qredo as an Admin, Trader, Approver, or Viewer, your journey starts with the Qredo Profile. You can learn more about Roles available on Qredo and involved permissions here.

  • To become an Approver, Trader, or Viewer, all you need to do is create your Qredo Profile. The Workspace Admin will invite you to a Workspace, and Portfolio Admins will add you to Portfolios.

  • To become a Workspace Admin, after you've created your Qredo Profile, you need to create a Workspace, where you'll add other members.

  • To become a Portfolio Admin, after you've created your Qredo Profile, you need to be invited to join a Workspace by a Workspace Admin. Then, you'll be able to create Portfolios and manage them.

Here's how to create your Qredo Profile:

  1. Using your desktop browser, go to https://qredo.network/register.

  2. In the Registration screen, enter all the required data, including name, last name, email address, and password.

  3. Read and check the box to confirm that you've read and accepted the terms and conditions, and click Register.

  4. Check the inbox of the email address you've used above. You should find an email from Qredo with a code in it. Go back to the Registration screen, enter this code, and select Verify your email address.

  5. Once you've validated your email address, click Set up the mobile app, and follow the on-screen instructions, which will take you through the remainder of the process.

  6. Once you've completed all the steps on the Qredo Signing App on your phone, your desktop device should display "Signing App setup complete" and prompt you to log in.

  7. Log in to start using Qredo. Keep in mind that you’ll have to approve each login using the Qredo Signing App (you’ll be prompted automatically on your connected phone).

You can also see our video tutorial: