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Introducing New Qredo

Brand-new experience

Welcome to New Qredo - the redesigned, reimagined, and upgraded Qredo experience. If you are a new Qredo user, you don't need to do anything. Just create your Profile and start from there!

If you've used Qredo before, you might note that some names have changed.

Old nameNew name
AdministratorWorkspace Admin
Fund OrganizerPortfolio Admin
Standard WalletVault
Connected WalletWeb3 Wallet

We are introducing a new type of Policy, the Workspace Admin Policy, to govern transactions and selected administrative actions. When you access the New Qredo for the first time, you will notice that an Admin Policy has been created automatically, and you will be able to review this.

We have also redesigned and improved Qredo’s Transaction Policies. Instead of being tightly coupled to a single entity, you will now have the ability to create one Policy to govern as many of your Vaults, Web3 Wallets, and Portfolios as you wish. Whether you prefer a single Policy to rule multiple Vaults/Web3 Wallets, or individual Policies for each one - the choice is yours.