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Ongoing weekly staking FAQs

Qredo’s weekly staking events allow you to earn up to 20% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) reward. All you need to do is hold your QRDO within a Qredo Staking Vault during the staking event. Staking rewards are distributed every Monday.

Do I have to do anything?

In order to stake your QRDO, you need to set up your Staking Vault and stake some QRDO.

When should I stake?

The sooner you start staking QRDO from your Staking Vault, the bigger return you’ll receive, provided you don’t withdraw it during each weekly staking event.

Can I withdraw QRDO?

After you deposit assets into the Staking Vault, they are bonded. If you wish to withdraw your assets, you have to unstake (unbond) them first.

After the unbonding period, which lasts for 21–28 days, you'll be able to withdraw your assets.

What happens if I unbond QRDO?

The unbonding period lasts for 21–28 days: 3 reward cycles (3 weeks) + remaining days in current reward cycle. During the unbonding period assets don’t earn rewards, but you can cancel unstaking at any time to resume staking and start earning again. After the unbonding period you can withdraw or re-stake your assets.

Important: Unbonding QRDO from your QRDO Staking Vault will forfeit any staking rewards that have accrued so far on the amount unbonded. Depositing the same amount (or any amount) will start the staking of that amount based on the date deposited.

Keeping your QRDO bonded in the Staking Vault throughout the weekly event will land you with the biggest rewards. Don’t refrain from depositing more tokens, though.

What happens if I deposit more QRDO?

You can deposit more QRDO to your staking vault at any point as rewards accrue daily. Rewards are distributed each week on Monday at 09:00 UTC. The sooner you make the deposit, the more QRDO you’ll receive.

Can I re-stake QRDO?

If you unbond your assets, you can re-stake them after the unbonding period of 21–28 days. However, you don't have to wait: you can cancel unstaking at any time to resume staking and earning again.