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Quick start

Respond to an invite

Whether you have a registered Qredo Profile or not, you'll receive an email notification once you've been invited to a Workspace.

If you aren't registered...

  1. As instructed in the email, go to qredo.network/register and start the Registration flow.

  2. Once you've created your Qredo Profile, log in, and you should see your Workspace invitation(s).

  3. Select Join Workspace to accept the invitation, or Decline to refuse it.

Once you've joined a Workspace, go to your Qredo Profile and you should be able to access and use it, depending on your Permissions.

If you are registered...

  1. Start by logging in to your Qredo Profile.

  2. Select the notification (bell) icon in the upper-left part of the screen.

  3. Open the three-dot Actions menu next to an invite you wish to accept and select Accept. Conversely, select Decline to refuse the invite, or View invite to get more details.