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Send assets

Before sending any assets from a Vault to an external wallet (MetaMask, exchange wallet, etc.) you need to Whitelist the external wallet’s address in Workspace Settings.

Sending assets* (making withdrawals) from any Vault on Qredo is very straightforward:

  1. Select the Workspace where the Vault is located.

  2. Click New transaction and go to Send.

  3. Under Select source, choose the Vault you want to send the assets from.

  4. Under Select destination type, choose:

    • This Workspace to send assets to a Vault within the same Workspace

    • Qredo VaultCode to send assets to a Vault within Qredo, but outside of the current Workspace

    • Whitelisted withdrawal address to send assets to an address outside of Qredo that you’ve previously Whitelisted

  5. Select the destination within the Workspace, input the VaultCode, or paste the deposit address of an external wallet, depending on where you’re sending the assets.

  6. Enter the amount of the asset you want to send.

  7. Change the default Expiry, Reference, and Note, if you wish to do so, and click Send.

Once the transaction has been initiated, you’ll be prompted to authorize it. After this is done, your Approvers will be prompted to allow the transaction through. Depending on the set threshold (this is dictated by the policy that governs the Workspace/Portfolio), the transaction will go through once it has been authorized.

*As of now, you cannot send assets from a Web3 Wallet using Qredo. You need to do it from MetaMask Institutional or WalletConnect, depending on your Web3 Wallet connection.

Receive assets

Receiving assets (making deposits) to any Vault or Web3 Wallet on Qredo is very quick and simple:

  1. Select the Workspace where the Vault/Web3 Wallet is located.

  2. Click New transaction and go to Receive.

  3. Under Select destination, choose the Vault/Web3 Wallet you want to receive the assets.

  4. Depending on whether this Vault is receiving assets from a Vault or an external wallet,

    • Copy the VaultCode and paste it when prompted to do so in the Send assets flow.

    • Check the box next to the disclaimer and select Show receive address. Use this address to receive assets from any external wallet.

*Important: When sending assets, only send those supported by the receiving Vault or Web3 Wallet. Failing to do so might result in permanent asset loss.