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Qredo Block Explorer

Qredo Block Explorer (QBE) is a tool used to browse and view the contents of Qredochain. Its purpose is to provide users with a way to explore the details of individual blocks, transactions, and addresses on the blockchain. Some of the functions of the Qredo Block Explorer include:

  1. Transaction lookup: Users can search for a specific transaction by its hash and view its details, such as the sending and receiving addresses, the amount transferred, and the time and date of the transaction.

  2. Address lookup: Users can search for a specific address and view its transaction history, including all incoming and outgoing transactions.

  3. Block information: Users can view details about each block in the blockchain, such as its size, timestamp, and the transactions it contains.

*Important: Although you can get some blockchain information using a typical blockchain explorer such as Etherscan, we strongly recommend using Qredo Block Explorer, which will give you a detailed insight into your Qredo activity.

Using the Qredo Block Explorer

To get started, find your Vault or Web3 Wallet by searching the QBE using the entity’s deposit address or wallet ID.

Qredo Block Explorer can be used for:

  • Verifying Vaults

  • Tracking Vault Deposits

  • Verifying Layer-1 Pool Allocation

  • Verifying Vault Transactions

Verifying Vaults

Unlike a layer-1 explorer such as Etherscan, QBE will show your Vault’s:

  • Wallet ID - the unique reference of the wallet within the Qredo ecosystem.

  • Balance - the amount of respective asset inside the Vault. Note that this might not correspond to the balance on the underlying layer-1 deposit address if viewed in an external block explorer like Etherscan. This is due to Qredo’s asset mapping.

  • Currency - the currency of the asset inside the Vault - each Vault can feature only one asset that’s supported on Qredo.

  • Deposit address - the layer-1 deposit address for the Vault.

  • Layer 1 pool allocation - the layer-1 assets to which the the Qredo layer-2 wallet maps to.

  • Transactions - this Vault’s record of transaction history.

Tracking Vault deposits

After a deposit has been made into a newly created Vault, this will show in the Transactions section within the Vault's page on QBE.

Verifying Vault transactions

QBE also allows you to check all transactions (Send, Receive) involved with a Vault. Search for the Vault, and you’ll be able to see:

  • Type - the type of transaction made

  • Description - transaction description

  • Amount - the amount of asset in question

  • Qredo txn ID - the unique Qredo reference number for the transaction

  • Layer 1 txn ID - the transaction ID on the layer-1 blockchain of the deposit transaction. This can also be found on an external block explorer like Etherscan.

  • Address - the layer-1 deposit address of the Vault

  • Currency - the asset transacted

  • Time - date and time of the transaction