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Qredo Exchange Hub is a dashboard that allows you to transfer funds between custody and trading accounts on the highest liquidity centralized exchanges: Binance, ByBit, Huobi, OKX.

To connect an exchange to Qredo:

  1. Log in to Qredo and navigate to your Workspace.

  2. Click Holdings in the left-hand menu.

  3. Switch from Portfolios to Exchanges and click Connect Exchange.

  4. Enter your preferred exchange name and select the exchange from the drop-down menu.

  5. Copy the Qredo IP Address displayed in the Connection Information section. You'll use it in the next step.

  6. Retrieve the API key and secret of the exchange you wish to connect. Use the Qredo IP Address you copied in the previous step for IP addresses restriction.

  7. Enter the email address associated with the exchange profile.

  8. Enter the exchange API key and secret you previously retrieved. For OKX you also need to specify the API password.

  9. Select permissions for the exchange:

    • Fetch balances only

    • Fetch balances and allow transactions.

  10. Click Connect Exchange.

Now you can view your exchange connection in Holdings > Exchanges. If you click the exchange name, you'll navigate to the Exchange Portfolio, where you can edit the connection, manage Portfolio Members, and manage your Exchange Wallets.

You can also see our video tutorial: