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Manage your Exchange Hub

Manage Exchange Wallets

To display your Exchange wallets in the Exchange Portfolio, you need to set them as active:

Log in to Qredo and navigate to your Workspace.

  1. Click Holdings in the left-hand menu.

  2. Switch from Portfolios to Exchanges.

  3. Click the exchange name to navigate to the Exchange Portfolio.

  4. Click Manage Wallets.

  5. Click Selected Wallets for the wallet type you wish to manage (for each exchange, different wallet types are available).

  6. You'll see a list of your Exchange Wallets. Check or uncheck the Wallets you wish to display or hide.

  7. Click Save Changes twice to save and confirm the updates.

You'll see the updated list of active Exchange Wallets in your Exchange Portfolio. To view and manage a particular Exchange Wallet, just click on it. You can manage Wallet Members, send and receive assets, and view your transaction history.

Learn more in our video tutorial: