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Manage your approvals

Qredo Signing App and approving actions

Important: Once you’ve been upgraded to New Qredo, please make sure you are using the latest version of the Qredo mobile Signing App by visiting the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android.

The Qredo Signing App (iOS/Android) is a multi-factor authentication tool that uniquely identifies you on the Qredo Network. It allows you to securely sign in to your Qredo Profile and approve transactions and changes to your account settings.

The multi-factor authentication consists of:

  • 6-digit PIN that’s attached to your account

  • The device’s biometrics (fingerprint or face scanner)

  • The master seed protected on your devices secure enclave

The Qredo Signing App alerts you to actions requiring your review and approval using mobile notifications. These include:

  • Approve sign-ins to your Qredo Wallet

  • Changes to your account details e.g. email or password

  • Whitelisting cryptocurrency addresses.

  • Authorizing transactions e.g. Send, Receive, and Swap actions

  • Approving transactions as an Approver

Approving transactions

The moment an action requires your approval (initiated by you or another member of your Workspace), the mobile device with your connected Signing App is going to receive a notification.

  1. Enter your PIN and let the device scan your biometrics to sign in to the Signing App.

  2. Review the action needing approval. Select Authorize to approve the action or Reject to reject it.

  3. Enter your PIN and let the device scan your biometrics again to confirm signing off on the action.

  4. Select Confirm to finalize the authorization or Cancel to go back.