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Supported Assets in Qredo's Vaults

Asset nameAsset codeNetwork
AaveAAVEEthereum Mainnet
Cardano TestnetADA-TESTNETCardano Testnet
BalancerBALEthereum Mainnet
BandTokenBANDEthereum Mainnet
Basic Attention TokenBATEthereum Mainnet
BNBBNBEthereum Mainnet
BancorBNTEthereum Mainnet
BNBBSC-BNBBinance Smart Chain
BNB TestnetBSC-BNB-TESTNETBinance Smart Chain Testnet
Binance USDBSC-BUSDBinance Smart Chain
Binance USDBSC-BUSD-TESTNETBinance Smart Chain Testnet
BitcoinBTCBitcoin Network
Bitcoin TestnetBTC-TESTNETBitcoin Testnet 3
CelsiusCELEthereum Mainnet
CompoundCOMPEthereum Mainnet
Cronos CoinCROEthereum Mainnet
Curve DAO TokenCRVEthereum Mainnet
DAIDAIEthereum Mainnet
EthereumETHEthereum Mainnet
Ether Testnet GoerliETH-GOERLIEthereum Goerli Testnet
The GraphGRTEthereum Mainnet
Binance USD on EthereumBUSDEthereum Mainnet
Huobi TokenHTEthereum Mainnet
Matic TokenMATICEthereum Mainnet
Wrapped MIR TokenMIREthereum Mainnet
MakerMKREthereum Mainnet
MXCMXCEthereum Mainnet
NexoNEXOEthereum Mainnet
OMG NetworkOMGEthereum Mainnet
1inchONEINCHEthereum Mainnet
Origin DollarOUSDEthereum Mainnet
MATICPG-MATICPolygon Mainnet
Qredo TokenQRDOEthereum Mainnet
Qredo Token GoerliQRDO-GOERLIEthereum Goerli Testnet
renBTCRenBTCEthereum Mainnet
THORchain RuneRUNEEthereum Mainnet
SAND EthereumSANDEthereum Mainnet
SynthetixSNXEthereum Mainnet
SerumSRMEthereum Mainnet
SushiSwapSUSHIEthereum Mainnet
SWEATSWEATEthereum Mainnet
Universal Market AccessUMAEthereum Mainnet
UniswapUNIEthereum Mainnet
USD CoinUSDCEthereum Mainnet
Pax DollarUSDPEthereum Mainnet
Tether USDUSDTEthereum Mainnet
TerraUSDUSTEthereum Mainnet
Wrapped BitcoinWBTCEthereum Mainnet
yearn.financeYFIEthereum Mainnet
0x Protocol TokenZRXEthereum Mainnet