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May, 2023 - New Qredo

Release notes for The New Qredo - a major rethink of the Qredo Platform.

1.0 Simpler

  1. A new user interface, redesigned from the ground up.

    1. Refined Navigation bar, secondary navigation breadcrumbs

    2. Right-aligned Detail drawers for quick access to view and edit details on data across all screens

  2. Improved user management

    1. Streamlined user invite workflow

    2. Centralized management of users and their roles in the Members and Roles screen

  3. Clear Role naming and addition of a new role - Viewer

    1. Workspace Admin - Manages at Workspace level (invites and Roles)

    2. Portfolio Admin - Manages at Portfolio level and below (Portfolio members, creation/management of Web3 Wallets and Vaults, Policy and Whitelist management)

    3. Trader - Initiates transactions including both Send (transfer and withdrawal) and Swap

    4. Approver - Approves transactions and other governed events

    5. Viewer - The audit role, offering read-only access to Workspace and transaction history

  4. Improved two-level access control

    1. Manage Workspace access (formerly Organizations) and within them, Portfolio access (formerly known as Funds).

    2. Manage user access at Portfolio level to control who can interact with the Wallets and Vaults held within each Portfolio.

  5. New entity model with the same proven structure and new industry-standard naming (more details here)

  6. Transact more easily

    1. Transaction flows are now clearer with better visibility and control.

    2. Initiate transactions from any primary screen using the refined New transaction button.

    3. Streamlined workflows using logical naming

      1. Send to send assets from a Vault - either to a Vault within the Workspace (transfer) or to an external destination (Web3 Wallet or external address)

      2. Receive to view wallet/vault address to initiate a deposit

      3. Swap to initiate a Swap between two key pairs

  7. Improved custody vehicles - Web3 Wallets and Vaults

    1. Improved Web3 Wallet and Vault screens to clearly visualize and manage holdings

    2. Web3 Wallets screen now includes:

      1. Overall balance over time

      2. Asset balances

      3. Transaction history

      4. Approval History

    3. Improved Vault management

      1. Transfers

      2. Withdrawals

      3. History

2.0 Smarter

  1. Enhanced Governance gives you full and detailed control over your digital assets.

    • Policies as first-class objects - apply Policies to Portfolios, Vaults, and Web3 wallets independently.

    • Two types of Policies: Transaction Policies and Admin Policies

      • Transaction

      • Admin

    • Whitelisting on Portfolio level to govern Vaults and Web3 wallets

  2. Improved History screen - listing transaction history and an easy-to-find audit trail

    • Accessible centrally from History tab or directly from each Vault or Web3 Wallet

    • Improved History screen, split into Activity and Approval tabs

    • Activity tab listing transaction activity history within the Workspace

    • Approvals tab listing approval history within the Workspace

  3. Notification drawer - track relevant events in one place and take action directly from notifications.

    • Notifications are listed for this and other Workspaces, providing a cross-Workspace update stream.

  4. Dashboard Portfolio view to provide oversight will help you respond to incoming data in real-time while maintaining full oversight of your digital assets.

  5. All balances now feature live pricing updates in real-time, allowing you to make fast and accurate investment decisions.

3.0 Safer

  1. Our new Admin Policy allows you to govern who has admin status within your team, as well as to set the rules governing your chosen Transaction Policies.

  2. Reporting and auditing are now a breeze thanks to our new Viewer role, a user status with view-only access to digital assets and transaction records.

  3. Our dMPC (decentralized MPC) network is now fully upgraded to Trusted Execution Environments, offering improved resilience and faster transaction speeds.

4.0 Automation

  • Add Signing Agents as members to Policies to automate selected governance workflows.