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How to use a Wallet Code

The Wallet Code is a three word mnemonic that uniquely represents a wallet. Using a Wallet Code enables the secure transfer of a deposit or withdrawal address to a counterparty.

To locate the Wallet Code do the following:

01 Select the required Fund#

On the Holdings Summary page, select the required Fund. wallet code

02 Select required Asset and Wallet#

In the Assets & Wallets section, select the required Asset and Wallet wallet code

03 Copy the Wallet Code#

  1. Select the Addresses tab then Deposit or Withdraw

wallet code

  1. Copy the Wallet Code to use for your transaction.

04 Send Wallet Code to Counterparty#

Pass the Wallet Code to your counterparty to use for the transfer. You can use your preferred communication means to do this. e.g. telegram, email, text