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Qredo App Overview

The Qredo apps allow you to use the Qredo Network. The Qredo Network is an institutional-grade clearing and settlement network for digital assets.

Built for professional investors, the Qredo Network securely transfers digital assets instantly whilst delivering:

  • zero clearing and settlement risk
  • zero counterparty risk
  • elimination of digital asset theft
  • independent governance with no third party dependencies

Main Qredo

Qredo Wallet App#

The Qredo Wallet app provides a suite of account management, treasury, and trading features making it easy to manage your digital asset portfolios online within the Qredo Network. Set up secure funds to

  • secure your client and trading accounts.
  • customize your governance rules.
  • monitor inbound and outbound trade activity.
  • review pending and actioned payment authorizations with instant access to your trusted counterparty network.

As an app user, e.g. a trader or a fund manager, you can launch your transactions through the web interface. Once approved by custodians as stated in the custody policy, your transaction is securely stored on the Qredo blockchain.

Qredo Signing App#

The Qredo Signing app acts as a secure multi-factor signing device using a combination of biometrics, a 6 digit pin, and a master seed (or secret key). The Qredo Signing app allows you to securely authorize transfer and changes to your account which you initiated from the desktop browser app.

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As an appointed custodian, you use the Qredo Signing app to approve transactions that provide the digital signatures for transactions to be secured on the Qredo blockchain. The Qredo Signing app allows you to be instantly notified as soon as the trade initiator has authorized a transaction.

The authorisation and approval flow also allow signs in from:

  • logging in activities via the web browser.
  • other users requesting to join the Qredo Network.
  • whitelisting cryptocurrency addresses.

System Requirements#

The Qredo Wallet app runs on Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.

The Qredo Signing App runs on iOS versions of OSX13 and above. Future releases will support Android. These phones must include the biometric capabilities of either the Face ID or Touch ID.

The mobile app requires a working phone camera to access the QR-code on the web app during the registration process.