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Sign up to the Qredo Network and a Personal Account is created for you.

It's free to join and by becoming a member you can ensure safe custody of your digital assets as well as trade with other Qredo members instantly and at low cost.

Signing up to the Qredo Network is easy. Follow the steps below.

Get ready#

The sign up process requires:

  • Access to a mobile/cellphone as well as to a laptop or PC.
  • Preparation for safekeeping of your Master Seed offline.


Personal Account Flow#

01 - Sign up#

Sign up to the Qredo Network and download the Qredo Signing app. To create an account, simply click the Join the Network button at and follow the on screen instructions.

02 - Explore#

Log in to the Qredo Web app and explore the functionality available to you.

03 - Trusted Network#

Add other Qredo members to your Trusted Network. Make sure you add other members who you want to be custodians of the assets in your fund(s).

04 - Deposit Assets#

Deposit assets into a wallet on the Qredo Network. Repeat for other assets.

05 - Perform Transactions#

Check fees and perform your first transaction. Transactions can be transfers, withdrawals and swaps.