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How to perform a Transfer

The following flow is for a Standard Wallet transfer.

00 Prerequisites#

  • To perform a transfer you need to ensure that the counterparty is added to your network.
  • The counterparty must send you a wallet code to receive the funds.

01 Create New TX#

  1. From the Qredo App, select the '+ New TX' button.


  1. From the 'New Transaction' dialog box, select 'Transfer' and 'Continue'.


02 Select Wallet#

Select the wallet to perform the transaction from and the amount to send.


The Qredo Fee and Total Transfer Cost is calculated automatically


03 Counterparty Information#

Provide Counterparty information

  • Enter the Counterparty's Wallet Code and click search. Details of the counterparty matching the Wallet Code are shown.
  • Complete 'For Benefit Of' and 'Account Number' fields if required.


04 Reference & Expiry Time#

Provide further details

  • Enter a Reference for the Transfer and an Expiry time. The transaction must complete within the Expiry time.

The expiry time begins counting down only after authorization


05 Review & Initiate Transfer#

Select 'Review Transfer' and 'Initiate Transfer' when you are ready.

Review Transfer and Initiate

06 Success & Completion#

Success is indicated by the Transfer Status.

Transfer status

Your Fund balance is updated