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Feature Release (Mar 2021)

Features added March 2021#

Organization accounts#

  • It is now possible to set up Organization accounts and add multiple users.
  • The Organization is created by a single member from their Personal account (default account upon joining Qredo Network).
  • A single member can create multiple Organization accounts.

Account switching#

Individual users have the ability to switch between their Personal account and one or many Organization accounts.

User management#

  • Each user can be assigned to one or more roles: Administrator, Fund Manager, Trader, Custodian.
  • Each role offers different permissions.
  • Granular access rights to funds/wallets can be specified.

Support of USDT & USDC assets#

  • It is now possible to trade in USDT & USDC on the Qredo Network.

Qredo Web app updates#

  • UI updates to reflect updated functionality

Qredo Signing app updates#

  • Organization Account support
  • Ability for a user to approve an action to ‘Join organization’.
  • Improvements to Approvals
  • Trusted Party approval details enhanced.
  • View pending approvals at a glance - indicated by red dot.
  • Easier understanding of approval times and dates standardized in UTC.
  • Onboarding support
  • Improved guidance on safekeeping of Master Seed.
  • Performance improvements
  • Stability improvements, bug fixes and enhanced UI.
  • Support for USDC & USDC assets.