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Exchange - Wallet Transactions

Dedicated Wallet Transactions#

Transfers or Withdraws#

From the Core Client

  1. A notification is received if a user tries to Transfer or Withdraw funds out of a Dedicated wallet.

  2. Get details of the transation including the amount as follows:

GET /coreclient/{client_id}/action/{action_id}
  1. Approve the transaction if the resulting balance is greater than any Outstanding Orders as follows:
PUT /coreclient/{client_id}/action/{action_id}

Reject the transaction if the resulting balance is less than any Outstanding Orders as follows:

DELETE /coreclient/{client_id}/action/{action_id}

Your Core Client acts as a Custodian for the user’s wallet as well as any additional Custodians specified in the User's Custody Policy i.e. an “AND” configuration (m of n threshold) AND the exchange)


An exchange can sweep assets out of a connected Dedicated or Multiparty Wallet at any point e.g. to execute a Limit Order.

  1. To perform a Sweep:
POST /coreclient/{client_id}/sweep

A Sweep can be made into any Qredo wallet – this could be created using the API or via a browser user’s wallet. A destination wallet MUST BE SPECIFIED.

  1. The Core Client is also a custodian over this transaction – so your Core Client gets a notification which you must approve or reject.