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How to create an Organization

Create an Organization when you need to add multiple members and assign different roles and permissions to each member.

  1. Start from the Web App and click on your Profile to open the Profile settings menu.

  2. Select 'Add Organization' to start the 4 step sequence.


Step 1 of 4 - Organization Details#

  1. Enter details of your Organization:

All fields are required

  • Organization name - The name of your organization
  • Domain - The web domain for your organization
  • Address - Please complete all fields


  1. When you are ready, click 'Continue'

Step 2 of 4 - Members & Roles#


View detailed information on Roles and Permissions

The following roles are available:

  • Administrator,
  • Fund Manager,
  • Trader,
  • Custodian

Add Qredo Network members to the Organization. If required members are not on the Qredo Network you are prompted to invite them to join Qredo first.

  1. Add a member's email address and click search.

  2. If they are on the network you can allocate them to one or more roles. Select the desired role(s) and click the '+' icon.

  3. Repeat the process to add other members to the Organization.


Step 3 of 4 - Review Organization#

  1. Check the details you just added and edit as desired by selecting the pen icon.

  2. When you are ready, select 'Create Organization'.


Step 4 of 4 - Success#

A 'Success' notification indicates that your Organization has been created. You are invited to switch to the newly created Organization account or stay in your Personal account.

If you switch to the Organization account you are notified that you can switch to other accounts from the Profile menu.