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How to create a Fund

Creating a Fund is the starting point for all Qredo transactions. Qredo offers a high level of customization to suit your individual preferences.

Start on the Holdings Summary page of the Qredo App.

01 Start#

  1. Select Create new Fund to open the Create Fund sequence.

  2. Complete the fields and select 'Continue'.


02 Members and Permissions#

If you are using an Company Account you can Add Members and set Permissions for each member. (Coming soon)


03 Set Default Transaction Policy#

  1. Define your Default Transaction Policy for the fund.
  2. Add Custodians who are part of your Trusted Network.

NOTE: You are prompted to add Qredo Members to your Trusted Network if you haven't already done so. You can return and restart the Create Fund sequence later.

Set TX Policy

04 Set Default Withdrawal Policy#

  1. Define your Withdrawal Custody policy. You can choose to inherit the Transaction Policy or create a custom Withdrawal Policy.

Set Withdrawal Policy

05 Assets and Wallets#

Your fund can contain multiple asset types. You can have multiple wallets for each asset type.

A) Select Asset type#

Select the asset you would like to use in this Fund e.g. BTC Testnet

Select asset

B) Select Wallet type#

  1. Select 'Add Wallet' to create a wallet for this asset. You can create multiple wallets for each asset type.

  2. Provide a meaningful name for the Wallet.

  3. Select a Wallet Type (greyed out options are unavailable)

select wallet type


There are 3 Wallet types - Dedicated, Standard, Multi-Counterparty.

Standard allows you to perform your own transactions on Qredo with any counterparty. You can select the custodians.

Dedicated COMING SOON - allows to to connect to a single exchange or other 3rd party for sole ‘sweep-style’ transactions. You are required to nominate the exchange or 3rd party as a custodian in addition to your own custodians. This is to enable limit orders.

Multi-Counterparty COMING SOON - allows you to connect to multiple exchanges for ‘sweep-style’ transactions. Exchanges

Standard Wallet flow#

You can now choose to 'inherit' the overall Default Fund Transaction and Withdrawal Policies or create a 'custom' Transaction and/or Withdrawal Policies at the Wallet level.

To inherit the Default Fund Policies:

  1. Select 'Inherit'

Select tx policy

To customise a policy:

You can choose to customize either or both Transaction and/or Withdrawal Policies at the wallet level.

  • Select 'Custom' to add additional custodians and/or amend the threshold for the wallet level policy.

  • Click the 'Fund Transaction Policy' as a base to amend.

  • Click to add yourself as a custodian.

In the image, the Transaction Policy is customized and the Withdrawal Policy is inherited.

Select tx policy

  1. To add additional assets and wallets proceed to next step or select 'Create Wallet'.

Add Additional Assets and Wallets#

  1. Repeat previous steps to add additional assets and wallets to this fund.

Notice that you can create additional wallets for the same asset type as desired.

  1. Select 'Create Wallet' when you are complete.

You can edit a fund to add additional assets and wallets to it.

06 Review and Confirm#

Review the Fund details and click Confirm and Create Fund.

Review and Confirm Fund


The Holdings page automatically updates with the new fund.

Fund Success