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Compatible devices

To use Qredo, you’re going to need a desktop/laptop computer and a mobile/tablet.

Desktop/laptop device requirements#

Your computer is the central hub of all your Qredo operations. To use Qredo, you’re going to need the following:

  • A desktop/laptop computer
  • A web browser
  • An internet connection

Mobile device requirements#

Qredo requires MFA on mobile devices for user security.

The Qredo mobile app, also known as the Qredo Signing App, authorizes every action initiated on the computer device; from logging in, to making transactions, and asset transfers. The Qredo Signing App uses the device’s biometrics and a user-designated PIN.

You need to have an iOS or Android device to install and use the Qredo Signing App. Here’s a compatibility list:

  • iOS: all iPhone devices that support iOS 14 are compatible with the Qredo Signing App. You can find a list of iOS 14-compatible devices on Apple’s website.
  • Android: all Android 8 models and higher that have a camera, working Android Keystore, and Google Play Services, are compatible with the Qredo Signing App.