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Feature Release (Apr 2021)

Features added April 2021#

Support for Multiple Accounts#

It is now possible to support multiple accounts attached to a single user on the Qredo network.

Support for 11 ERC-20 Tokens added#

  • LINK
  • UNI
  • WBTC
  • SNX
  • DAI
  • COMP
  • AAVE
  • CEL
  • MKR

Qredo Web app updates#

Ability to edit Account and Profile Details It is now possible to edit First Name, Last Name and Email Address details from Profile Settings in the Qredo Web App. Changes then require authorization via the Qredo Signing App.

Qredo Signing app updates#

New Features#

Android V1.0.29 & iOS V1.0.8(3)#

Multiple Accounts enabled

  • Multiple account redesign (app navigation reworked)
  • UI to Combine Authorization & Approval in one step
  • Edit Personal info approvals

Bug Fixes

  • Approvals UI upgrade
  • Error handling upgrade
  • Stability & performance improvements