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Let's revolutionize finance together!

Partnering with Qredo allows you to provide your customers with a secure cross-chain liquidity and peer-to-peer trading network for the trade and exchange of digital assets.

Our partners build technology and software that invite more people into the groundbreaking era of DeFi.

Who Partners with Qredo?#

Companies who are interested in:

Composability - Quickly and easily creating innovative financial solutions that build onto the Qredo Protocol and add value to customers.

Integrity & Security - Passionately ensuring the governance, confidentiality and integrity of their customer's digital assets.

Extensibility - Extending your platform and enabling interoperability with other DeFI applications.

How do I become a Partner?#

To become a Partner and gain access to the Partner & Core Client API you need to apply and be accepted.

You must already have registered for an account and set up the following:

  • Qredo Web App (on your computer)
  • Qredo Signing App (on your mobile device)

If you haven't yet registered, you can do so by going to the Qredo Website and selecting Join the Network.

Check out Getting Started for detailed instructions. Alternatively, feel free to Contact our friendly Sales Team if you would like to discuss your needs further.

Getting Started as a Partner involves three steps:

STEP 01:#

Sign up to be a Partner

STEP 02:#

Generate your API Keys

STEP 03:#

Generate signatures