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STEP 8 - View Transaction Status

You can view both the status of a specific transaction and the status of all transactions in a specific fund ledger.

Status of a specific transaction.#

You can view the status of a specific transaction using a company_id and a TX-id.

  1. View status of a withdrawal
GET /company/{company_id}/withdraw/{tx_id}
  1. View status of a transfer
GET /company/{company_id}/transfer/{tx_id}

Example specific transaction status response#

In the following example:

  • approvedCount - The number of custodial approvals.
  • status - Action Status details including which custodian(s) approved the transaction e.g. Maya Angelou, their UserID and UserName.
  • statusDetails - Approved transaction full details including fees incurred, the net amount transfered and recipient/beneficiary details.
  • thresholdRequired - This refers to the number of custodial signatures required for the transaction.
  • txID - The Transaction Identifier.
  • txStatus - The status of the transaction e.g. approved.

For Core Client transactions, firstName, lastName and userName fields are blank and UserID is the CoreClientID.

"approvedCount": 1,
"expires": 1640998800,
"initiatedTimestamp": 1594281300,
"initiatorAuthorized": true,
"initiatorName": "",
"reference": "<YOUR_REFERENCE>",
"status": [
"actionID": "<ACTION_ID>",
"firstName": "Maya",
"lastName": "Angelou",
"status": "approved",
"timestamp": EPOCH_TIME,
"userID": "<USER_ID>",
"username": "MAngelou"
"statusDetails": {
"accountNo": "123-XX",
"amount": 800.01,
"asset": "BTC-TESTNET",
"benefitOf": "Dorothy Parker",
"expires": 0,
"fees": 0.01,
"fundID": "<FUND_ID>",
"netAmount": 800,
"recipientAddress": "",
"recipientEmail": "[email protected]",
"recipientFirstName": "Dorothy",
"recipientLastName": "Parker",
"recipientUsername": "dparker",
"reference": "CX15R99XX",
"requestedBy": "Rosa Parks"
"thresholdRequired": 1,
"txID": "<TX-id>",
"txStatus": "approved"

Status of all transactions in a fund ledger.#

You can view the status of all transactions for a fund using company_id and a fund-id.

GET /company/{company_id}/fund/{fund_id}/ledger

Example ledger response#

A List of transaction records is returned.

In the following example:

  • chainTxID - This is the identifier of the transaction on the Qredo blockchain.
  • status - This is the status of the transaction. NOTE: The example lists all possible transaction statuses.
  • type - This is the type of transaction. NOTE: The example lists all available transaction types.
  • address - This is the whitelisted address used for the withdrawal or the deposit address for a deposit.
  • counterpartyID and counterpartyName - This is for transfers only.
  • benefitof - This is the name of the beneficiary/recipient of the transaction.
"List": [
"TxID": "<Tx_ID>",
"fundID": "<FUND_ID>",
"timestamp": EPOCH_TIME,
"expireTime": EPOCH_TIME,
"status": "<pending_initiate, pending, expired, approved, initiate_rejected, custody_rejected, chain_rejected, taker_pending, taker_approved>",
"type": "<none, deposit, withdraw, transferIn, transferOut, swap, swapIn, swapOut>",
"asset": "BTC-TESTNET",
"amount": ASSET AMOUNT,
"fees": 0.03,
"netAmount": ASSET AMOUNT - FEES,
"counterpartyID": "<COUNTERPARTY_ID>",
"counterpartyName": "Big Org",
"address": "",
"reference": "CX15R99XX",
"benefitOf": "Dorothy Parker",
"accountNo": "123-XX"
"TxID": "",
"chainTxID": "EX79B14iusvPjnBaZzaEunxQppdBayGW7KEd2Y8hWtQ8",
"fundID": "1kEYnRGrYmuhNLFvVhwiiqj6XcM",
"timestamp": 1605267445,
"expireTime": 0,
"status": "",
"type": "deposit",
"asset": "BTC-TESTNET",
"amount": 10000,
"fees": 0,
"netAmount": 10000,
"counterpartyID": "",
"counterpartyName": "",
"address": "mjyWz5ZAXAeG9FFbigDyt3WqebrGohuemk",
"reference": "",
"benefitOf": "",
"accountNo": ""