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STEP 2 - Add Trusted Party

At least one User must be added as a Trusted Party. The minimum required fields are address and type.


A User must already be part of the Qredo Network to be added as a Trusted Party.

To join the Qredo Network all users must register and create an account via the Qredo website and selecting 'Join the Network'.

Add a User as trusted party#

To add a User as a Trusted Party you need the following:

  • company_id obtained in the previous step.
  • user's email address in the address field.
  • type specified as user.

Example add a user as a trusted party request#

curl -X POST "{company_id}/trustedparty"
-H "accept: application/json" \
-H "x-nonce: <ENTER NONCE>" \
-H "x-timestamp: <ENTER TIMESTAMP>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d "{
"address": "[email protected]",
"type": "user"

The User receives an 'Approval Request' on their mobile Qredo Signing App. They must approve the request to be added as a Trusted Party.

Verify that a User is added as a Trusted Party#

You can check that a user has been added to the Trusted Network by returning a list of Trusted Parties associated with a Company.

Run the following request:

curl -X GET "{company_id}/trustedparty"

Example response#

"company_id": "string",
"total_count": 0,
"list": [
"company_id": "<COMPANY_ID>",
"total_count": <NUMBER_TRUSTED_PARTIES>,
"list": {
"trusted_entity_id": "<TRUSTED_ENTITY_ID>",
"name": "<NAME>",
"type": "<USER>",
"address": "<EMAIL_ADDRESS>",
"internal": true,
"created": <TIMESTAMP>