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STEP 0 - Authenticate

The Quick Start assumes you have already followed the steps in Getting Started and have obtained your API Keys and Generated a Signature.

Every request to the Qredo Partner API & Core Client API requires:

  1. YOUR_API_KEY - the base64 encoded key (copied to clipboard from the Qredo Web App).
  2. YOUR_GENERATED_SIGNATURE_API_KEY - a unique signature for each transaction (as described in the Generate Signature) section. This is referred to as x-key in Open API Specification.
  3. HEADER AND JSON BODY to be compressed.

Examples are uncompressed for legibility.

Example Header#

-H "accept: application/json" \
-H "x-timestamp: <ENTER_TIMESTAMP>" \
-H "x-nonce: <ENTER_NONCE>" \ //Use a timestamp (or nonce)