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Overview of Steps

You may find our Glossary and Getting Started guidance useful.

With this guide you'll be able to create a fund and be ready to perform transactions.

The following diagram illustrates the overall flow for creating a fund and performing transactions.



To add a user as a Trusted Party, they must already be registered onto the Qredo Network. To do so, they must register and create an account via the Qredo website and select 'Join the Network'.

This workflow will guide you through the following steps:

  • STEP 0 Authentication & Signing
  • STEP 1 Create a company
  • STEP 2 Add a trusted party
  • STEP 3 OPTION Create a Core Client and websocket feed
  • STEP 4 Create fund
  • STEP 5 Create a deposit
  • STEP 6 Perform a transfer and a withdrawal
  • STEP 7 Approve/Reject a transaction
  • STEP 8 View transaction status

You can find more detailed guidance in the API Reference section.