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Welcome to the Qredo Partner & Core Client API.

The Partner & Core Client API is a simple, RESTful JSON API that can be accessed over HTTPS from the base URL. It uses standard response codes and verbs and uses signature and token-based authentication.

Base URL#

The Base URL is at the following location:


The Base URL is used for testing with SANDBOX keys and live use with PRODUCTION keys.

The Partner & Core Client API#

The Partner API enables the following:

  1. Creating accounts and holdings on behalf of Partner clients.
  2. Creating tailored custody policies to govern transfers and withdrawals for Partner clients.
  3. Conducting transactions on behalf of Partner clients.
  4. Creating instances of Qredo Core clients to be used as automated Custodians.

Use of the Partner API is subject to enrollment.

To enroll, visit the Qredo website and select Join the Network. Find out more by checking out Getting Started.

The Partner API is used alongside the Qredo Signing App (mobile) and/or the Core Client API to authorize transactions.

Supported Assets#

Currently, (April 2021) Qredo supports the following assets and ERC-20 tokens:

  • Bitcoin,
  • Bitcoin Testnet,
  • Ethereum,
  • Ethereum Testnet.

ERC-20 Tokens#

  • LINK
  • UNI
  • WBTC
  • SNX
  • DAI
  • COMP
  • AAVE
  • CEL
  • MKR

Bitcoin (BTC) is expressed to a scale of 100000000. This is equal to Bitcoin Satoshis. Ether (ETH) is expressed to a scale of 100000000. This is equal to Ether Gwei


Where fees apply, these are calculated according to asset type, transaction type and take account of variable gas and mining costs.