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Account Information

The Qredo Web App includes sections that allow you to view details of your account.

You can view information on the:

You can also copy and download the legal agreement.

Follow the steps to View Account Settings

Open Account Settings#

  1. From any of the main pages, click the Account icon that contains your own initials:


  2. In the displayed account card, click the Account Settings button to display account details.


    The Settings page appears.

  3. Click the various tabs for the different sections of the page.

Account Details#

The Account Details section shows information that was saved to your account on registration, including your first name, last name, and email address. The account status shows as Active or Inactive.


User Permissions#

The Permissions section shows your Qredo user role.

  • If you joined Qredo yourself, you are the Account Owner.
  • If you were invited by an Account Owner, your role is Trusted Counterparty.

This section also shows your first name, last name, and alias details, which you provided on registration.

For more details, see Role of the Account Owner


Billing Options#

The Billing section shows the Personal Plan associated with your Qredo account, and details of the Enterprise Plan that is available in a future release. To upgrade to an Enterprise Plan, please contact Qredo [email protected].


Partner API#

This section provides details on the Partner API and who the API is geared for.


Legal Agreement#

The Legal section shows the Qredo legal agreement that you would have agreed to on registration. You can check details of the legal agreement again. If you need to present the agreement elsewhere, you can copy the legal agreement to another program. Or, you can directly download the agreement.


Copy Agreement#

From the Legal section, click Copy Link.

Download Agreement#

From the Legal section, click Download.

Role of the Account Owner#

As the account owner, you can:

  • create one of more funds.
  • enter fund name and description.
  • select the type of assets that can be added to and managed in the fund.
  • set custodian policy (withdrawal or transaction custody policies)
  • choose a deposit address to add to the Qredo Network.
  • transfer funds to other users on the Qredo Network.
  • withdraw funds from the Qredo Network.
  • add external trusted parties.