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Web app

The Qredo Web App enables the smooth and easy creation of funds and wallets for desired asset types.

Key Features:#

Effortless management of portfolios#

  • Smooth and easy deposit of assets.
  • Easily start transacting and receiving assets with a flow designed for usability.
  • Use three word mnemonics to share addresses for sending and receiving assets electronically without compromising on risk.

Frictionless trading#

  • Trade in digital assets at volume and at low cost.
  • Perform instant atomic swaps with Qredo members.

Personal & Organization accounts#

  • Allocation of a Personal Account upon sign up.
  • Easy set up of one or more Organization accounts.
  • Control access at multiple levels for Administrators, Custodians, Fund Managers & Traders.

Transparent governance#

  • Ability to verify transaction details and provide.
  • Clear audit trail.
  • Create custody policies as simple or complex or simple as desired at a granular level.
  • Apply custody policies to transactions, swaps, withdrawals, addition of members and addresses.
  • Enable the whitelisting and management of addresses by authorized users.

Beautiful UX#

  • At a glance view of all assets in a fund.
  • Real-time tracking of transaction status.
  • Real-time viewing of network fees at time of initiating transactions & atomic swaps.