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Qredo overview

Qredo in a nutshell#

The Qredo Network enables the decentralized management of digital assets with institutional grade security. Quickstart

Qredo Network highlights#

1. No single point of failure#

The Qredo Network is designed and architected to enable participants to remove any single point of failure. Decentralization is key to the Qredo ethos and Qredo is on a clear roadmap to becoming a fully decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO).

2. Robust and Secure#

Security is built into every step of the Qredo development process. We don't use smart contracts and we don't wrap tokens. Pioneering technology means that your Layer 1 private keys are never generated.

3. Layer 2 Network#

Our Layer 2 network allows for greater flexibility and speed of transactions - as well as interoperability with Layer 1 networks. You can move assets at a fraction of the costs inherent to the Layer 1 network.

4. Put your assets to work#

Qredo uses a single blockchain to record your ownership of digital assets on other blockchains. This means that you can send and receive any asset to or from any other Qredo member instantly and cheaply.

5. Transparency of total assets held#

Designed with fail-safe solutions to liquidity meaning that you can always trade in the assets that are enabled. The integrity of the Qredo network enables you to verify at any time that your ownership of Layer 2 funds is directly equal to the Layer 1 funds backing them.
The solvency of Qredo is transparent, verifiable and always visible.

6. Extensive range of Custody rule combinations#

Custody rules can be tailored to fit the widest possible range of scenarios and combinations. This means that you can have granular custody over every transaction or withdrawal. It also ensure that access to funds can be enabled in case of death or injury.

7. Ultra-fast settlement#

The Qredo network utilizes Tendermint technology to enable both settlement and delivery of assets on the underlying blockchain in less than 1 second.


Join the Qredo network and get institutional grade security, customisable custody and instant, low cost trading in digital assets. Qredo technology comes with excellence as standard.

If you haven’t done so already then go ahead and Join the Network at

Membership is open to everybody, it’s free to join, and you’ll be in good company.