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How it works

What is Qredo#

Qredo is the name of the company behind the Qredo Protocol - the Cross Chain Liquidity Protocol.

Qredo utilizes deep applied research expertise in cryptography and blockchain technologies to solve many of the problems associated with capital markets entering the world of decentralized finance.

The Qredo Protocol#

The Qredo Protocol is a sophisticated technology stack and architecture. It comprises of the Qredo Vault, Watcher and the Qredo Blockchain.

Qredo Vault / Multi-Party Computation (MPC) Cluster#

  • A robust solution to the private key problem.
  • Generates, secures and provisions access to layer 1 assets. Holds the secrets that enable no private key to be ever generated.


  • The Watcher provides trustless monitoring by polling for changes. It acts as a smart router between the MPC Clusters, Qredo Blockchain and Layer 1 Cryptocurrency nodes.

Qredo Blockchain#

  • Immutable ledger for asset ownership and transactions. purpose built system of mechanisms facilitate the swift, smooth and secure trading of digital assets cross-chain without wrapping.

The Qredo Network#

  • The Qredo Network is an instance of the Qredo Protocol empowering a live marketpace for members to trade in digital assets.
  • Currently running on Mainnet v1.0 & Testnet.
  • The Qredo Network is on a clear roadmap to full decentralization.

Qredo Apps#

These are the user facing applications that allow you to interact the Qredo Network. Qredo Apps are designed according to usable security principles to ensure great user experience balanced with institutional grade security.

The Qredo Web App (web)#

Accessible by signing in to the Qredo Network. This is where the most significant actions take place such as initiating trades and adding members.

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The Signing App (mobile)#

The Signing App is used alongside the Qredo Web App to authorize access and actions on the Qredo Network. Find out more

The Partner API & Core Client#

The Partner and Core Client API enables smooth integration with existing trading technology. It can also be built upon to widen the range of offerings to your customers. Find out more